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“Roadmaper” is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to start or grow an online business, providing them with the resources and strategies they need to achieve success in the digital world.

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About the Roadmaper

RoadMaper: How to build your roadmap to success in online business” is a comprehensive guide that provides readers with the resources and strategies they need to create and maintain a successful online business. Written by Muhammad Yousaf Saeed an expert in the field, the book provides a step-by-step roadmap for readers to follow in order to turn their online business dreams into reality.

The book is packed with practical exercises, real-life examples, and strategies for achieving specific, measurable goals. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your existing online business to the next level, “RoadMaper” has the resources and strategies you need to succeed.

Readers can expect to learn how to:

About the author

Muhammad Yousaf Saeed has been associated with the online business world for the last 15 years. In this span of time, He has worked on many endeavors, accomplished many goals, and also struggled with certain setbacks. 

He is a serial entrepreneur, renowned Flippa Super Seller, Business RoadMap Expert, Business Consultant, Speaker, Event Organizer, Trainer, Mentor and Coach. With his work and coaching, He has helped and empowered thousands of people. He lives in Islamabad, Pakistan with his family, and you can visit him online at

What experts say about the roadmaper

Tony Robbins of Business in Pakistan...

If you decided to step into the Online Business Field. You want to become a Youtuber, blogger, or freelancer. Want to learn Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Game Development, Ethical Hacking, Digital Marketing, Video Editing, Software Development, and Mobile App Development?

People don’t have clarity. That’s why most people won’t be able to achieve success. Roadmap brings clarity. That is where this book ROADMAPER will help you how to build your Roadmap to success.

Consider him as Tony Robbins of Business in Pakistan. It is not an overstatement. As he is a deep thinker.

I am overwhelmingly pleased by what Yousaf has written and the thought process he has compiled in the form of this book RoadMaper.

Hisham Sarwar
Freelance Guru
CEO BeignGuru

Couldn't Believe...

Believe me, it’s a great book. 

I couldn’t believe that our Pakistani fellow can do such quality writing.

I have started reading this book and the first chapter “Know yourself” has so much to learn. It helps you set the right direction and help you build the Roadmap as the book name suggests. It gives you a clear vision. I am really enjoying reading this book.

Muhammad Yousaf bhai lots of prayers and best wishes for you. May Allah give you more success and I will request you to write a book every year so that our youth can get the right direction.

Thank You

M Tanveer Nandla
Dr Web
Founder iSkills



frequently asked questions

“Roadmaper” is a guidebook for individuals looking to build a successful online business. The book provides a step-by-step roadmap for creating and maintaining a winning website, mastering digital marketing techniques, and overcoming common obstacles that prevent online business success.
“Roadmaper” is written by Muhammad Yousaf Saeed an expert in the field of online business.
“Roadmaper” covers all the essential elements of online business success, including creating a clear vision, setting specific, measurable goals, building a winning website, mastering digital marketing techniques, and overcoming common obstacles. You can also expect to learn how to use social media, create a brand that resonates, improve online visibility, generate leads, build a loyal following, provide excellent customer service, measure the success of your online business, scale your online business, and more.
“Roadmaper” is designed to be accessible to readers of all levels, from beginners to advanced online business owners. The book provides a step-by-step roadmap and practical exercises, making it easy to understand and implement the strategies outlined in the book.
“Roadmaper” is typically available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook formats. It can be purchased from online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the publisher’s website.
The length of time it takes to read “Roadmaper” will depend on your reading speed and how much time you have to devote to reading. The book’s length is not specified, but a rough estimate would be that it could take around 10-15 hours to read, depending on how much time you can dedicate to reading.
Yes, “Roadmaper” includes practical exercises and activities that readers can use to apply the strategies outlined in the book. These exercises are designed to help readers implement the strategies and achieve their goals more effectively.

What reader say about the roadmaper

Having just finished reading your book, I wanted to thank you for providing such VALUABLE INSIGHTS into BUSINESS, SETTING GOALS, and SUCCESS ROADMAP. The information and STRATEGIES you shared have given me a NEW PERSPECTIVE and a clearer understanding of WHAT IT TAKES to achieve success. I've gained so much from your guidance and wisdom, and I'm excited to put it into practice.

THANK YOU AGAIN for sharing your knowledge and expertise. YOUR GENEROSITY IS a PRIVILEGE, and I thank you for it.

May ALLAH Almighty bless you with the best of health, wealth, and FAITH.
Abu Baker Sheikh
Hey Yousuf bhai, you are truly a shining star in our sometimes toxic online society. You have always been a reliable and valuable source of knowledge and support for our online community.

Whether it's on IBT or at events, you consistently go above and beyond to provide valuable insights and assistance without expecting anything in return. You are truly one of the pillars of our community and we are grateful to have you as a leader and role model. Keep shining bright, bhai!
Thank you for such a beautiful Gift and best of luck for the future endeavours. ♥️
Ahtsham Jutt
CEO at RoyalNode
While reading the book. I feel like you are talking to me. These are almost the same things that you coached me. The time analysis calculator etc.

I can believe that this book will be helpful for many as I have witnessed it myself and achieved almost all of my goals. Alhumdulillah. I can't thank you much for coming into my life and helping me and coaching me.

I am reading it and sharing it with my team and my kids. Thanks for writing this book RoadMaper.
Co-founder of Code Ninja Consulting

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